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UltraSlim Weight Loss Treatment

This procedure uses a red light system to target fat deposits under the skin. It's patented system "tricks" the mitochondria within the nucleus of the fat cell into creating a hole in its protective membranes. Once this hole forms, the fatty substances that are normally stored in the fat cell leave.

They can then be removed from your body naturally through your detoxification and elimination systems. The hole in the fat cell closes within a short time without its contents inside. Unlike other treatments, which rely on heat to kill and dissolve fat cells, this technique works with the natural way your body releases and disposes of excess fat.

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UltraSlim is completely safe. In fact, the FDA has placed this body contouring system in their low-risk group. It's the only fat reduction system that can make this claim while getting proven results.

Similar methods like Coolsculpting® and SculpSure®, or very invasive ones like liposuction, do carry small to medium risks.

This system can reduce inches from your body while toning loose skin. It's non-invasive, painless, and you can resume normal activities immediately. You get immediate results that you can see and feel. On average, you lose 1.6 liters of fat and roughly 3.5 inches in the treated area after your first session.

Over the following week, you can expect your body to lose more fat as your shape contours, and the skin tightens. Other similar procedures can take three to four months to see full results. Fat removal through this system is permanent. Once fat leaves the cells, it has nowhere to go but out of the body. You can only gain new fat by eating more calories than you burn after the procedure.

This fat-reduction system works best on patients who are at least moderately active and therefore have a high metabolism.

Those who are pregnant, light-sensitive or have liver problems shouldn't undergo this procedure. A healthy liver plays an essential role in the processing and removal of the fat from the body.

During your consultation, Michele can help you understand any other considerations so that you can make the best decision.

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