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Teaching children to become more mindful by looking for the wisdom within.

Mindful Child Wellness & Yoga offers after school programming for Sweet Apple Elementary. This unique program uses several types of meditation, breath work, laughter, and several types of yoga to help children become more mindful in their bodies and daily lives.

Yoga teaches individuals to funnel negativity and turn it to higher energies of creativity, courage, compassion, and strength, for self and for others. Participants will learn techniques that will help them with focus and concentration, stress management, positive self-image, and positive thinking. We help children learn new ways to cope with negative feelings and behavior while building trust and awareness of self.

Location: A Mindful Movement Wellness & Yoga, across the street from SAE. You will need to add Michele Colburn as an emergency contact so we can pick up your child and walk from SAE to A Mindful Movement.

Dates: WEDNESDAY 2:45-3:30

January 25th - April 19th, 2023 (12 weeks)

COST: $240 per child

(20% discount for multiple children)

Parents, when registering your child please put your first name and then your child's first name next to yours in the same box.